Safety Pre-Cautions


Please read the following information carefully before use.

Always follow safety precautions when operating your Gene Café roaster.

Save these instructions. Incorrect use of an electrical roaster may result in risk of 

electric shock or serious injuries as well as damage to the roaster.


A. To prevent damage, never use or store the Gene Café where it will be store the

    Gene Café where it will be heating sources.

B. Always use the Gene Café roaster on a level and stable surface. 


 C.  Do not immerse the Gene Café in water and do not allow water or cleaning

      liquids to enter the roaster. Water and  other liquids may create a safety

      hazard or damage the roaster.

      Never operate the Gene Café in a sink or wet environment. Doing so may

      cause electric shock. If water should penetrate into the Gene Café,

      disconnect it from the power supply and contact Customer Service.


D.  Never operate the Gene Café near flammable substances such as oil, alcohol, 

     benzene, gasoline or paint thinner; a fire or explosion could occur. Do not

     use the Gene Café in dusty environment or near flammable materials.

E. To prevent short circuit, do not bend or force the power plug and do not knot

    the cord or disconnect the roaster from the wall outlet by pulling on the cord. 

    Dry hands thoroughly before handling the power cord or operating the Gene

    Café. When not in use, disconnect the  Gene Café from the power source.


F. This unit is 3kW power consumption and it is required to use independent

    power supply separately from other electrical products like coffee machine,

    refrigerator, and so on. 

    Otherwise unstable or lower power supply may roast coffee beans unevenly.


G. Be careful of your motion during chamber rotates. Hair, Fingers, Cloth and

    related fashion accessories may be caught and it causes safety accidents.

H. Do not insert foreign objects, especially metal, in the chamber as this may

    create a shock hazard. 

    Be sure that the Gene Café’s air intake holes and the chaff collector exhaust

    vent are not obstructed. If blocked, overheating and a fire could occur. 

    If a foreign object accidentally enters the Gene Café, immediately unplug

    the roaster.

    Contact Customer Service if the foreign object is lodged inside the unit;

    do not attempt to disassemble the Gene Café. Unplug the power cord in

    case of emergency.

 I. The Gene Café body and roasting chamber may become very hot. Use oven mitts,

    or a potholder to handle the roasting chamber and do not touch it with

    bare hands.

J. Be sure that you may operate this roaster at the suitable place has ventilation

    systems. If you do not have ventilation, you can instal smoke pipes on the outside.

K. Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the Gene Café roaster; doing so may

   create a fire or shock hazard.

L. Do not leave from the CBR 1200 roaster during roasting. 

   Be sure that you should keep fire extinguisher near the roaster.

M. Do not touch the surface during operation or after operation !

N. Please separate or take the chamber out after cooling it completely.

O. Do not operate or rotate without the chamber!

    You should insert the chamber always and operate the roaster.

P. You should always close the Safety Cover to rotate the chamber.

Q. Do not open the safety cover and cooling tray during the roasting time.

    Automatically the chamber wil stop if you open the safety cover and 

    cooling tray.

    The hot air will continue operating and give you some burning or damages

    on coffee beans.

R. Do not try inserting fingers into the grill of the safety cover.

S. You should always stay the cooling tray on it's place.

   Otherwise roasted beans move to it's place and become damages 

   on the cooling fan/motor.

T. Do not put other objects in the cooling tray or chamber. 

U. Do not touch the roasted beans in the cooling tray when you finished the roast.


 • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, 

    it's service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.


The users manual or instruction manual for an intentional or unintentional radiator

shall caution the user that changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the

In cases where the manual is provided only in a form other than paper, such as on a computer disk or over the internet, the information required by this section may

be included in the manual in that alternative form, provided the user can reasonably be expected to have the capability to access information in that form.

For a Class A digital device or peripheral, the instructions furnished the user shall include the following or similar statement, placed in a prominent location in

the text of the manual:


This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 or the FCC Rules.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. 

This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful

interference to radio communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required

to correct the interference at his own expense.



1. CBR 1200 power consumption is 3kW.
   Be sure that you should check power consumption of the place is going to be installed.
   (Ex : Two Group Coffee Machine is around 4kW).
   This unit is 220V(Korea, other countries) and optional 230V is for UK and other countries.
   This unit is a single phase like general electric products.

2. We suggest that CBR 1200 is required to close to ventilation and recommendable distance
    between ventilation and smoke pipe is 20~30cm.
    If you do not have ventilation, you need to smoke pipe to outside.

3. Smoke pipe is made of aluminum and it is flexible.
   So you can make 2~3m length at max. 
   We suggest that suitable smoke pipe length is 2 ~ 3m for appropriate ventilation.
   Otherwise chaff and oil of coffee will be stacked up inside the pipe and it blocks.

4. Strong table is required:
   Unit weight is 35kg and we suggest that you should use table for CBR 1200.
   Especially you should place it the place that there must be not humidity, water or flammable
   subjects nearby.
   Suitable Table length is around 120cm.

 Troblue shooting




 Not available to be powered off.

 Power Plug Connection

Power Source(Voltage)

Power Switch

 Power Plug Connection

Power Source(Voltage)

Power Switch On or Change it

 Roaster does not start.

 Time is not set During Chamber Rotation

 Time Set over 1 Min at least

Operate it when chamber stops

 Heating is good, but actual temperature

 does not reach to your Temperature

 that you selected.

 Clean Chaff Collector or Pipes Lower Power Source

Check and set up Temp / Time

Too much Green Beans

Outdoor Temperature is much lower

Smoke pipes are much longer

 Clean Heating Fan, Chaff  Collector, Pipes. Power Source(Voltage)

Suitable Green Beans: Max 900g ~

1,000g. Suitable Indoor Temp is around 20°C. Keep around 2Meter for Smoke 

Pipe at max

 ERR “E1” Message

 Temp Sensor Drain Troubles

 Please contact A/S Center

 ERR “E2” Message

 Temp Sensor Drain : Over Heated

 Please contact A/S Center

 ERR “E3” Message

 Mal Functional Chamber Rotation

 Chamber Rotation

 ERR “E4” Message

 Manual Switch Off

 Manual Switch On

 ERR “E5” Message

 Drum Motor Over heated

 Chamber Rotation

 Troblue shooting

 ERR “E6” Message

 Hopper Safety Switch fold down

 Lift Hopper Up

 Chamber Bean Gate is correctly 

 interlocked with Hopper

 Position Sensor PCB Location


 Position Sensor PCB :

   Adjustment /Arran gement

 Chamber Shutter does not open

 Solenoid Troubles

Shutter  Troubles

 Please contact A/S Center

  Chamber rotation does

  not stop

 Position Sensor PCB Location

Position Sensor / Magnet

 Position Sensor PCB

    Position Sensor / Magnet

  Chamber does

  not fix in

 Chamber Assembly Troubles

Insert Direction

Guide Hole Direction of Rotary

Base In-Out

    Chamber Assembly

   Insert Direction

       Check Guide Hole Direction of 

       Rotary Base In-Out 

  Cooling Fan does

  not on

 Manual Switch Off

    Manual Switch On

  Lowered Cooling Efficiency

 Pipes or Cooling Fan Ass'y Cleanness Too

 longer Cooling Pipe

 Pipes or Cooling Fan Ass'y

   Cleanness Check pipe length


 Chamber Screws

Hopper Screws

Other Screws

Rotation Gear, Chamber etc

    Chamber Screws

   Hopper Screws

   Tighten Screws

   Check other dirties or   


 Abnormal Smokes

 Over French(Italian) Roasting

Over Amount of beans

Unsuitable Cleanness

Inner Silicon Tube on Chamber

Leakage from Chamber Door or Shutter 

 Control Roasting Stage

Suitable Green Beans: 900~1,000g at least

Clean Chamber, Chaff Collector, Pipes

Change Silicon Tubes of the Chamber

Change Door or Shutter of the chamber


 Error Message

    Error Messages & Description


 Error Message








   Temperature          Sensor Error

  Over Heated


  Sensor Error

  Position Sensor


   Heater Sensor


 Drum Motor Error


   Hopper Safety          Sensor Error


When you find out Error Message “E1 to E5” , you should contact with the seller.

If you see “E6” , check Hopper safety sensor switch and stand this hopper up.


CBR1200 Flexible Pipe Installation

1. Do not bend the pipe excessively like A or B




 2. Keep the straight line over around 20 ~ 30inch(Max) to “C”.




3.  Keep the total length about 80inch from the cyclone to the vent.