Clean Drum






To detach the chamber drum out, 

unscrew two screws as right

picture by fingers.



How often clean drum ? 

In case of 10kg roast a day, 

we suggest you clean it 

2~3times a year.

Please use “T” Wrench we 



Unscrew two screws (Hexagonal Screws)

as right picture. Pull the Cap out.

You can clean inside drum.

Clean Coffee Chaff in the

Chaff collector 

Periodical Clean is required.

Recommend : 1time Clean

on 5 batches of roasting coffee. 

If you do not clean often

periodically, chaff will be

stacked up in the chaff

collector and it gives 

bad effects on coffee

taste / Flavor also roaster 



Main Drain Duct Clean and Replacement

Main Drain Duct(Aluminum) Replacement is about 1~2times a year.

Periodically we suggest you replace it for perfect roasting coffee beans. 

Longer roasting without clean or replacement coffee chaffs with oil shall be stacked and it blocks ventilation as well as smoke could return to the chamber which returns would be bad for coffee.


Cyclone Duct 

1 time after 5 batches of roast for Chaff collector.