Safety Precautions & Troubleshooting & Error Messages Emergent Measures


* Please read the following information

  carefully before use.


  Always follow safety precautions when 

  operating your Gene Café roaster. 

  Keep these very important cautions. 

  Incorrect use of an electrical roaster may 

  result in risk of electric shock or serious 

  injuries as well as damage to the roaster. 

  Warning : It causes serious injuries unless 

  reading these instructions carefully.







* To prevent damage, never use or store the 

  Gene Café where it will be exposed to

  direct sunlight or other heating sources.







* Always use the Gene Café roaster on 

  a level and stable surface.








* Do not immerse the Gene Café in water 

  and do not allow water or cleaning

  liquids to enter the roaster. 

  Water and other liquids may create a 

  safety hazard or damage the roaster.

* Do not operate Gene Cafe in wet places. 

  It causes electric shock and damages.

* If water should penetrate into the Gene

  Café, disconnect it from the power supply 

  and contact Customer Service.


* Never operate the Gene Café 

  near flammable substances such as oil, 

  alcohol, benzene, gasoline or paint thinner.

* Do not use the Gene Café in a dusty 

  environment or near flammable materials.


* Do not place Gene Café on a pad, cushion 

  or electric blanket as a fire may result.


* Do not insert foreign objects, especially 

  metal, into the Gene Café as it may cause

  deadly damages.

* Do not block Air-intake and Chaff 


  It causes overheating and occurs fire.

* If a foreign object accidentally enters the 

  Gene Café, immediately unplug the roaster. 

  Do not attempt to disassemble Gene Cafe

  Roaster. Please contact the local seller


* Unplug the power cord in case of 





* To prevent short circuit, do not bend or 

  force the power plug and do not tie the

  cord or disconnect the roaster from the

  wall outlet by pulling on the cord.

* Keep your hands dry always before 

  operating the Gene Cafe.

* Disconnect the power plug when not using



* You should insert the plug to the socket 


  Otherwise it causes fire or short circuit 


* If an extension cord must be used, be sure

  that it is a heavy-duty type with a rating at 

  least equal to the power rating of the Gene


* Please handle Power Plug gently!


* Whenever the roasting chamber is not 

  mounted in the Gene Café, place it in

  the chamber stand to reduce risk of

  tipping and breaking.

* The roasting chamber is not designed

  to stand upright without the aid of the

  chamber stand.



* Please close the Safety Cover when 

  operating Gene Cafe. Keep the Gene

  Cafe away from the children and pets. 

* Do not touch the roaster during operation.

* Please check and clean the chaff collector if 

  you may not able to touch the surface by 

  terribly hot.

* Do not preheat this product without coffee

  beans !




* Please read Trouble Shooting Guide of this

  manual in cases of any malfunctions(Page


* Do not attempt to disassemble the Gene 

  Cafe Roaster on this kind of symptom.

* Please contact the seller for Customer 





* Please take a break to cool down the Gene Cafe if it is

  very hot to touch it.




* To prevent damage or safety issues, do not apply excessive

  pressure to the Gene Café or drop the roaster.




* Do not remove the blade ass'y of the separator ass'y. It 

  causes the chamber glass broken without blade ass'y.


Troblue Shooting

TroubleshootingThis troubleshooting guide can be used to diagnose common issues. 

If your problem is not covered here or cannot be resolved, contact Customer Service.




  Unit does not work.

 1. Power Cable is not

connected well.

 2. Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

 1. Connect the power cableto 

the outlet.

 2. Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker.

 3. Please try another outlet

on a different circuit.

 4. Review instruction manual for proper operating procedure.

 5. Press TEMP again.

6. Set the timer.


  Roast is not available.

  Temperature does not   reach to the target       TEMP.

 1. Unit is connected to

a circuit delivering less voltage than required.

 2. Coffee Beans is overfilled.

 3. Improper roast level

settings (time and/or temperature). 

 4. Chaff collector is clogged.

 5. Fan filter is blocked.

 6. Other electric machine is

used with the same

power supply.

 1. Check rated voltage.

Try using another circuit.

 2. Follow instructions for maximum

amount of green coffee beans.

 3. Check and adjust roasting

temperature if necessary.

 4. Increase roasting time.

 5. Clean the fan intake ports on the

top of the roaster using a vacuum

cleaner fitted with a brush attachment.

6. Turn off other electric device.


  Excessive smoke           generated during         roasting process.

 1. Chaff collector inside

metal filter is clogged.

 2. Incorrect roasting

temperature selected.

 3 Roasting chamber


 1. Empty the chaff collector.

 2. Clean the metal filter with water.

 3. Check temperature and time 

settings to prevent over-roasting.

 4. Use correct amount of green 

coffee beans.

 Maximum roasting  amount per patch

 is 0.5Lbs (250g).


  Vents blocked.


 1. Roasting chamber


 2. Some green beans have

much more chaffs than

common ones.

 1. Use proper amount of 

green coffee beans.

 2. If green coffee beans have 

thick skin, roast in smaller



  Hard to


  remove the chamber

 1. Release button not

fully depressed.

 Fully depress release button while lifting   roasting chamber out of the roaster. 
  Unable the chamber   to insert properly.

 1. Roasting chamber is being incorrectly

inserted into the body.

 1. Please check the chamber

lid is closed correctly.

 2. Please check the

chamber is aligned properly.


  Operation (rotation)   does not stop.

 1. Unit is not cooling


 1. The Gene Cafe does not stop automatically until it reaches at 

safe temperature.

 2. Press the dial "TEMP" for stopping

it manually when it reaches

 at 212ºF(100ºC)

 Safe Temperature  is 140º F(60ºC).

 Intermediate  safety stop  temperature is  212ºF (100ºC).

Error Messages & DescriptionEmergent


* Contact the distributor at the back cover if you see any of these error messages.









 sensor 1 error


 Precaution for

 the fires

 Irregular rotation. 

 Reed sensor error.

 Heater disconnection. 

 Fan or temperature s

 ensor 2 error.



Emergent Measures

▒ In the event that the Gene Café is turned off by mistake.Please turn it on again. 

    You can take the chamber out or keep going coffee roast.

▒ In the event that a power failure interrupts the roasting process.

   Please separate the Gene Cafe from the power supply. The chamber could start burning and 

   then could make fire in some cases.

   1st) Do not try taking the chamber out forcibly.

   Please turn it on again. Please separate the chamber when the chamber is stopped.

▒ In case of a fireFirstly please use the fire extinguisher.

   The chamber is extremely hot and it may cause ignite the fire.

   Then please follow the below steps.

   Do not leave until you finish the fire completely. 

* Fire in roasting chamber

  1. Press the dial "TEMP" to stop the chamber. 

  2. Please wear gloves or oven mitts before touching the Gene Cafe. Firstly remove the

     chamber from the main body. Secondly pour inner burnt beans from the chamber. 


* Fire in the chaff collector Firstly cool the chaff collector down completely then remove it from 

  the main body for cleaning. Silver Skins and Chaffs of Coffee Beans shall be burnt out easily.