Roasting Chamber

Oils and residual debris remaining from the 
roasting process will build up and adversely 
affect the taste of future batches.
Clean the chamber using a dish washing brush, sponge and dish washing liquid. 
Dry the chamber completely before storing it away

Chaff Collector


Please clean the chamber periodically as the below instructions.

Stacked chaffs have coffee oil and block the small holes inside of the chamber.

If smoke is not going outside by stacked 

chaffs, you may be troubled of potential fire or too much smoke from inside.

Remember to clean the mesh plate of the chaff collector after every 5 batches.



Please wear proper gloves on cleaning.



Clean the metal filter with a soft brush.




After cleaning, make sure to dry completely.




Remember to clean the mesh net at the 

bottom of the unit after every 10 batches.