Operation & Roast







Before Roasting


1. Open the safety cover, lift the chamber for coffee roast. 

2. Gently place the roasting chamber on the chamber stand and open the lid.

* Please be careful if you need to take the separator out by hands.

3. Put the green beans. One Full cup is 3.5oz(100g).

Do not exceed over the line indicates "Capacity for Dry Process Beans". 



* Do not put green beans more than 8oz


  (200g) such as Dry Processed or Peaberry


  Coffee Beans. 


* Roasting coffee beans containing impurities


  or debris may cause a fire.


  Sort through the beans and remove any


  foreign material before placing beans


  in roaster.

4. Insert the chamber gently into the main body as the left picture.




5. To ensure safe operation, close the safety cover and attach the chaff collector to the left side of the roaster before starting the machine.

* Do Not Operate the Gene Cafe without the chamber.

* The Gene Café body and surrounding area becomes very

  hot when the roaster is in operation.



* Please clean coffee chaff from the chaff collector before

  operating it. 

  Be careful of the hot surface.

(1) Keep the chaff collector and metal filter(Bottom of the

    roaster) clean.

(2) Keep any foreign objects away from the chamber and

    drum area.

(3) Do not disturb the chamber rotation by any objects. It may

    cause some troubles on chamber rotation.

(4) Operate the Gene Cafe at the flat place. We recommend

    that you use Gene Cafe under ventilation system.

(5) Keep flammable agent away from the Gene Cafe. 

(6) Please operate the roaster near to the Fire Extinguisher.


Power Supply and Time Setting




1. Insert the plug in the power supply as the

   left photo. 

 * Do not operate it with different power 

   supply and different electric voltage.

   It may cause terribly troubles







2. Power On/Off : Press the dial(blue)

    to turn on




















3. Time Control : Turn Left / Right (Time


 - You can check the recommended roasting 

   guide on page 14. - Adjust Range is 0 ~ 




Temperature Setting and Roasting














1. Temperature (START/STOP) Control : Turn

    Left / Right (Temperature Adjustment)

  - You can check the recommended roasting

    guide on page 14. 

  - Adjust Range is 482ºF/0 - 250ºC.

2. Start : Press the dial(Red) for adjusting 


3. Time/Temp are always available during 

    roasting time if necessary.

Cooling & Start / Stop







1. If the roasting time is finished,

   the Cooling starts automatically.

   You may listen Beep sound when

   the cooling finishes.

   (Mostly the chamber temperature

   reaches at 140ºF/60ºC)







2. Start Cooling : Press the dial

   "TEMP" during roasting time.

   The cooling cycle will stop on 

   reaching at 140ºF/60ºC, regardless of 

   remaining  the roasting time. 




3. Stop Cooling during cooling cycle :

   Press the dial "TEMP" again during 

   the cooling cycle.




 4. Stop Cooling during cooling cycle :

   Press the dial "TEMP" again during the 

   cooling cycle. 

* Please take a break after operating it at

  few batches of roast.






5. Continuous Roasting : You can keep

    roasting coffee beans continuously by 

    following and repeating the operational 

    steps after finishing 1st batch of roast.

 * This continuous roasting is usually 

   designed for Coffee Shops or Restaurants.


LED Display




1. Triple Digit  2. Double Digit

3. Single Digit 4. First digit in minutes

5. Last digit in minutes 6. Seconds


Temperature display alternately shows the current roasting temperature for two seconds,

and then displays the set temperature for one second.

This cycle repeats for the duration of the process.Time display shows the time remaining during the roasting cycle,

and the elapsed time, starting at zero, for the cooling cycle.Set the timer at interval of six seconds.

Roasting Finishes












1. If the cooling is finished, the chamber will

   stop with beep sound.

   Open the safety cover and take the 

   chamber out to cool down. 


2. Open the chamber lid and pour the 

    roasted beans. Spread the beans evenly 

    for cooling quickly.

    We recommend that you use electric 

    cooler or similar cooling fan.




3. Automatically the Gene Cafe will be

   powered off with beep sound in one 

   minute after the roasting is finished.


4. It is recommended for the users to clean

   the chamber periodically on the page 18th.