Functions & Parts name







1. Collector Safety Cover : PortThe Safety Cover can protect against 

    burns and accidents. Please keep closing the safety cover.

2. Chamber Attachment : The chamber meets this attachment area.

3. Control Panel : Easy control to adjust Time & Temperature by

    Dial buttons.

4. Chaff Collector Port : The chaff collector shall be assembled

    into this port.

Chaff Collector

You may see the chaffs and coffee dusts on starting coffee roast.

The Chaff Collector collects chaffs and dusts which shall be left in

this collector and then smoke may go flying away. 









1. Blade Cushion : Reduce the shock of blade.

2. Blade : Blade sweeps coffee chaffs to go out.

3. Separator : It helps coffee beans mixing well 

    for even roasting.

4. Release Button : To detach the chamber

    from the roaster, press the button to release 

    the chamber.


5. Chamber Stand     


Control Panel




1. Control Panel

2. Temperature Display 

3. Time Display  

4. Temperature (Start/Stop) : 

(1) Roasting TemperatureControl : Turn Right / Left (Up / Down)

(2) Cooling Time : Press down this dial.

(3) Emergency Stop : Keep pressing this dial for 3seconds.

(You can use this function whenever you want to stop roasting immediately

5. Timer (Power On/Off) : 

(1) Roasting Time Control :  Turn  Right / Left (Up / Down)

(2) Power On / Off : Press this dial.

(For details about operations, refer to pages 14-15 in this manual.)